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Origami Air Dripper Set

Origami Air Dripper Set

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For anyone looking to start their brewing journey, we’ve got our coffee sets to help kick things off.

This set comes with the Origami Air Dripper, a classic V-shaped coffee brewer from Japan. While it's visually is definitely appealing, to ensure functionality the product design team worked with many baristas to achieve the ideal blooming/dripping time and product shape. The 20 ribs creates air channels and keeps the brewing smooth and clog-free, which also provide great control over the dripping speed.

Pair it with your choice of Plain Sight coffee and have a go at making your very own pour overs at home.

The Origami Air Kit includes:

  • One (1) Origami Air Dripper
  • 100pcs Coffee Paper Filters
  • 200g Plain Sight Coffee Beans