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Orders after April 10 might not be delivered before the holidays

Pu'er Yunnan



Origin: China
Varietal: Catimor
Process: Washed Altitude: 1100-1600mas
Body: Body Sweetness: Ethiopia Kochere
Acidity: Ethiopia Kochere Roast Degree: Ethiopia Kochere
Recommended for: Batch BrewEspresso

China's not the first place you might think of when coffee gets brought up. Our China Yunnan Single Origin is our first new offering for 2022. A fully washed coffee from China's most prominent coffee region, it's a great all-rounder with a balanced and light syrupy body.

Expect to find a sugary and dried fruit aroma, with notes of dried dates, pomelo, and sugarcane among others, and it's enjoyable for all coffee brewers.


At Plain Sight, we believe that getting your coffee to you at the right time provides for a great brewing experience. We make sure that you'll get your coffees not more than 10 days from the roast date, ensuring the right amount of time for you to try it out without it being too fresh off the roast. We recommend brewing the coffee 7 days from roast and flavors will peak around 2-4 weeks from roast

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