A Farm to Call Her Own: Lendilou Loon's Inspiring Journey with Coffee

A Farm to Call Her Own: Lendilou Loon's Inspiring Journey with Coffee

At Plain Sight, we’re always on the lookout for exceptional coffees that tell a unique story. One such coffee that has captured our attention is from the passionate farmer, Lendilou Loon, hailing from the coffee-rich region of Davao. Today, we are thrilled to share Lendilou's remarkable journey with coffee and the arrival of her coffee in our roastery for the very first time.

Lendilou's connection with coffee traces back to her family's roots, where they were among the pioneers to cultivate coffee in the Mount Apo area. As she reminisces, "I've been exposed to coffee for the longest time, helping out with the family farm during weekends and summer vacations."

In 2015, significant changes came to the family farm when NGOs introduced them to improved coffee processing techniques. However, it wasn't until the pandemic in 2020 that Lendilou decided to fully commit herself to the farm, recognizing the need to support her aging father and uplift the farm's quality amid challenging times.

Currently a graduating student majoring in Communication and Media Arts at UP Mindanao, Lendilou embraces the role of a young farmer who is determined to learn and apply modern practices to her craft. She candidly admits that there was a lot she didn't know, such as grain pro, hermetic bags, moisture meters, and more, which ultimately impacted the coffee's quality and price.

Despite initial setbacks, Lendilou's resilience and curiosity led her to explore opportunities beyond her local market. She attempted to bring her coffee samples to Manila, reaching out to different large-scale coffee establishments. Although the response wasn't what she expected, Lendilou saw the potential of online marketing and decided to delve into it, recognizing the power of the digital space where she spent considerable time during the lockdown.

As she experimented with different coffee varieties on her farm, Lendilou found herself diving deeper into the world of specialty coffee. Winning the prestigious Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC) in 2021 was a turning point in her journey. It opened her eyes to the vast world market for coffee and the willingness of coffee enthusiasts to pay a premium for quality coffee beans.

One significant realization from her coffee venture was the impact of quality on taste. "It's all about the quality," she emphasizes. Her farm now boasts a diverse range of coffee varieties, including Yellow Bourbon and Catura, which have been well-received by discerning coffee drinkers.

Outside the realm of coffee, Lendilou is a dedicated student leader and the SK Chairperson in her community. Her determination to juggle multiple responsibilities, including her studies and community work, reflects the sacrifices and challenges she has embraced to push forward her coffee dreams.

As we get ready to showcase Lendilou's coffee, we can't help but admire her hard work and dedication. To those who will try her coffee, we hope you experience the passion and effort poured into every bean. We are immensely grateful to Lendilou for entrusting us with her coffee, and we celebrate her journey as an embodiment of the vibrant and resilient spirit of Filipino coffee farming.

Words by Ryan Uy

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