Exploded and Compressed: A Unique Coffee Exploration featuring Kayo Cosio

Exploded and Compressed: A Unique Coffee Exploration ft. Kayo Cosio

Have you ever wondered where the flavor elements of your coffee come from? It seems that at the end of brewing a new coffee to try, people are left exploring the different notes of either fruits, nuts, and whatever unique profiles come to the front. The environment a coffee grows in plays a huge factor, along of course with the way it is farmed and processed. Your coffee blends all of these and produces the notes and characteristics that you’ll end up finding on the bag of beans that you purchase. 

Kayo Cosio, noted coffee afficionado and all-around tinkerer in all things coffee, wanted to see if he could extract those notes across the brew cycle, leading to the concept of Exploded and Compressed coffee. Exploding a coffee involves brewing a coffee and separating the brew into 3 different vessels during different stages of the brewing. One vessel will contain the first pour of the coffee, the second vessel will have the middle pour, and the third vessel will have the last pour, showcasing 3 equal but differing extractions of the coffee.

Compressed on the other hand is exactly how it sounds, putting together all three pours and making it into one cup of coffee to try out how all the flavors play together.

Experiments like these make for a great way to explore a coffee and its notes which is why we found it great to see that Kayo did so using our Caliking release. If you want to see the results of the different extractions, head on over to the video and see our coffee exploded and compressed. We might just be compelled to try it out ourselves one of these days. 

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