Plain Sight Celebrates Women in Coffee

Plain Sight Celebrates Women in Coffee

Plain Sight recently hosted "Women in Coffee," in honor of Women's Month and the launch of its new single origin beans. Held on Saturday, March 9th, the event brought together an impressive lineup of speakers representing Kalsada Coffee, including Tere Domine, Maricar Ricardos, and Sam Tagam, alongside expert baristas Jo Almanzor and Yassie Lorenzo.

The crowd gathered for the Women in Coffee event at the Plain Sight HQ
The crowd gathered at Plain Sight's HQ in Mandala Park, Mandaluyong City

During the event, attendees engaged in meaningful dialogue through Q&A sessions with the speakers, gaining insight into the experiences of women in the coffee industry. What the Plain Sight team originally thought to be a 30-minute segment turned into an hour and a half of incredible dialogue about the personal experiences of each speaker and the challenges and rewards of working in the coffee industry.

The event also featured a pour-over session led by guest brewers Jo Almanzor and Yassie Lorenzo. Jo, a founding member of the Philippine Coffee Guild, and Yassie, an award-winning barista, inspired attendees with their expertise and passion for coffee, showcasing their brewing skills and later answering questions for their own Q&A segment.

Jo Almanzor and Yassie Lorenzo pose for a photo at the Plain Sight HQ
Guest Brewers and speakers Jo Almanzor and Yassie Lorenzo

Amidst all this, participants indulged in the local flavors of Sitio San Roque and Sitio Kisbong, the latest additions to Plain Sight's limited-edition single origin collection, crafted in collaboration with Kalsada. Packaged in red and blue bags as a visual reference to the Philippine flag, the new single origin beans from Kalsada emphasize Plain Sight’s larger goal of promoting local coffee.

Speaking on the partnership with Kalsada, CEO Sean Lee emphasized a shared commitment to serving exceptional coffee as the driving force behind Plain Sight’s longstanding collaboration with the local coffee producer, which started in 2020. "They share our dedication to quality and promoting local coffee," says Lee, "which is also why we wanted to put a spotlight on their all-women enterprise and the amazing work they do."

Tere Domine, Kalsada's Co-Founder and Country Director, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the mutual effort to support quality local coffee. "Our exchange is not just transactional," said Domine. "There’s an earnest effort to understand local coffee communities, which helps all of us share Philippine coffee the best way possible."

Kalsada's dedication to Philippine coffee excellence is evident in the quality and unique flavors of their beans. Notably, two varietals from Sitio San Roque were showcased by renowned specialty coffee roaster Blue Bottle, which elevated local coffee onto the global stage. Among Kalsada's diverse offerings, Plain Sight has selected the Sitio San Roque and the Sitio Kisbong, each offering distinct flavor profiles— the former, a natural Catimor with a herbal tea-like flavor, and the latter, a sweet and nutty Orange Bourbon perfect for everyday enjoyment.

Packaging for Plain Sight's Sitio Kisbong and Sitio San Roque Single Origin beans
The Sitio Kisbong and Sitio San Roque's red and blue packaging 🇵🇭

Looking ahead, Plain Sight is committed to hosting more events that stay true to their mission of serving exceptional coffee, and making exceptional coffee accessible for all. Stay updated on future events, collaborations, and new offerings by following @plainsightcoffee on Instagram or visiting Join us as we continue to celebrate coffee, community, and creativity!

Words by Natalie Ann Unson
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