The Lavender Haze is a signature beverage thoughtfully crafted by the Plain Sight Coffee Team, perfect for the summer season. It features the unique Paradise blend, which is noted for its flavors of cherry, mango, oolong tea, and cacao nibs.

This drink was developed in collaboration with Sofia Cope, a visual artist who prefers tea over coffee. To cater to her taste, the team created a coffee drink that resonates with the delicate and refreshing qualities of tea.

According to Sofia, "Personally, this has become my go-to coffee drink while I'm working on projects. As a graphic designer, I find that creative work demands a lot of mental energy. This drink helps me maintain an energized and positive state, which is crucial for stimulating my creativity."



Prepare the Espresso: Brew one shot of Paradise Espresso.



Mix the Base: In a glass, combine the brewed espresso and honey. Stir well to mix.



Add Ice: Fill the glass with 3/4 cup of ice to cool the mixture.



Incorporate Liquids: Pour 50ml of tonic water followed by 50ml of orange juice over the ice.



Add the Tea: Gently pour the Butterfly Pea and Lavender tea over the ice, allowing the colors to layer beautifully.



Garnish and Serve: Garnish with an orange slice and lavender flowers for a delightful presentation and serve immediately.

This beverage not only offers a delightful taste profile but also serves as a perfect mental booster for those creative sessions during hot summer days.

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