The Dirty Pink: Your Go-To Summer Refresher (A Coffee Recipe)


  • 120g (about a half cup) of strawberry yogurt drink
  • 1 espresso shot of Sunburst Blend (~40g)
  • sprinkle of coffee grounds
  • ice
  • a tall glass
  • 1.

    Prepare an espresso shot of the Sunburst blend, which is a bright and fruity blend with notes of fruit punch and sugarcane.

  • 2.

    Fill a tall glass with ice, and then proceed to pour the strawberry yogurt drink into the glass.

  • 3.

    Slowly pour the shot of espresso in and watch as it begins to mix into the beverage.

  • 4.

    Add a sprinkle of coffee grounds to the top of your drink.

With temperatures rising, coffee lovers may find themselves reaching for a cool and refreshing drink to beat the heat instead of our usual hot cups.

Enter the Dirty Pink, a summer coffee beverage we put together that combines the sweetness of strawberry with the bold flavor of espresso. We'll break down the recipe for the Dirty Pink and explore what makes this drink so unique.

The result is a frothy and fruity beverage that softens the boldness of the espresso with the creaminess of yogurt.

A great balance of tart and sweet, the Dirty Pink is a great choice for those who prefer a lighter coffee drink or want to try something new.



Recipe by Kurt Lee; Words by Ryan Uy 

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