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Coffee Beans Supplier In The Philippines: Plain Sight Coffee Roasters

Plain Sight Coffee Roasters is a coffee beans supplier in the Philippines with a mission to bring the best out of every cup. We’ve been providing specialty coffee beans for several years now, partnering with farms and communities to offer specialty roasts to our customers. At Plain Sight Coffee Roasters, only the highest quality beans are sourced, roasted, and supplied across the country.

Whether you are an aspiring coffee business owner or a home brew enthusiast, Plain Sight Coffee Roasters can supply freshly roasted coffee beans in the Philippines and more for you. Browse our online shop and choose from a wide variety of single origin coffee, coffee blends, coffee sets, and coffee brewing gear at great prices.


Why Choose Plain Sight Coffee Roasters?

Our company was founded with the simple belief that everyone deserves great coffee. We want to raise the bar in offering specialty coffee throughout the country.


Commitment To Providing High-Quality Specialty Coffee

We are not your average coffee beans supplier in the Philippines. At Plain Sight Coffee Roasters, we take pride in our meticulous quality checks to serve customers only fine brews.

Moreover, we make sure your specialty coffee supplies are delivered not more than 10 days from the roast date. These are just some of our efforts to perfect the single origin coffee or coffee blends we supply in the Philippines.

If you have a coffee business, we can also provide education and comprehensive barista training to ensure you provide the same, great brewing experience to your own customers. Rest assured we will be working closely with you to guide you throughout your coffee journey.

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A Wide Array Of Coffee Blends With Different Flavor Profiles

Everyone has a different definition of the perfect coffee. Some like coffee brews that are more robust, while others may like cups of coffee with a delicate balance of sweetness and acidity. That being said, we offer a wide variety of single origin coffee and coffee blends with distinct flavor profiles that you can enjoy based on your preference.


Convenient Shopping Experience

Getting your supply of quality coffee shouldn’t be complicated. This is why at Plain Sight Coffee Roasters, we ensure customers enjoy a simple ordering experience. We partner with recognized third-party shipping providers in the country and pack each order properly for safe transit.

Browse our online shop, add orders to your cart, check out, and fill out the contact and shipping information. After the payment confirmation, you simply have to wait as we deliver our specialty coffee in the Philippines straight to your doorstep.

For Metro Manila areas, shipping will take 1 to 3 working days. Shipping for orders outside Metro Manila will take 2 to 7 working days. We also offer FREE shipping to Metro Manila areas for a minimum order amount of P1,500, and to areas outside Metro Manila for a minimum order amount of P2,000.

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Card Payment for Coffee

Flexible Payment Methods

You can choose from a variety of secure payment methods from Plain Sight Coffee Roasters. We accept all major credit card payments, debit card payments, Paypal, GCash, and BPI bank deposits.


Enjoy Quality Brews From A Dedicated Coffee Beans Supplier In The Philippines — Plain Sight Coffee Roasters!

Enjoying superior quality brews doesn’t have to be difficult when you buy from Plain Sight Coffee Roasters, your go-to coffee beans supplier in the Philippines. Get your supply of freshly roasted single origin specialty coffee and coffee blends at our online shop now and discover for yourself what it means to enjoy excellent and specialty coffee roasts.