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Coffee Tasting & Cupping Workshop

Coffee Tasting & Cupping Workshop

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Dive deep into the world of coffee with our Coffee Tasting & Cupping Workshop, held monthly at Plain Sight Coffee HQ. This two-hour workshop is designed for coffee enthusiasts of all levels who wish to broaden their understanding of coffee flavors and cupping techniques.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Discussion on Cupping: Start with a comprehensive introduction to the cupping process, learning why it's a crucial practice for evaluating coffee quality.

  • Tools & Equipment: Get hands-on experience with professional cupping tools and equipment, understanding their roles in enhancing the tasting experience.

  • Basic Cupping Etiquette: Learn the dos and don'ts of coffee cupping, ensuring you can participate in any cupping session with confidence and respect for the process.

  • Coffee Tasting Wheel: Utilize the coffee tasting wheel to identify and articulate the complex flavors and aromas you'll discover in different coffee samples.

  • Coffee Tasting Sheet: Record your observations and learn how to use a tasting sheet effectively, a critical skill for any coffee professional or enthusiast.

  • Cupping Session: Put your new skills to the test as you taste and evaluate a variety of coffee samples, guided by our expert cuppers.

Whether you're a budding barista, a home brewer looking to refine your palate, or simply a coffee lover eager to learn more about this fascinating beverage, our Coffee Tasting & Cupping Workshop offers a rich, educational experience that will deepen your appreciation and understanding of coffee. Join us at Plain Sight Coffee HQ and unlock a new level of coffee expertise!