A Burst of Delight: The Lee Caces x Plain Sight Collaboration

A Burst of Delight: The Lee Caces x Plain Sight Collaboration

2023 was a year of amazing collaborations in and out of the coffee space. Keeping true to this theme, we’re kicking off 2024 with another incredible collaboration, partnering with acclaimed multimedia artist Lee Caces, to set the tone for the year ahead.

Blending visual art and coffee culture, Lee brings splashy colors and his distinctive style to Plain Sight with Burst, a limited-release coffee blend that’ll tantalize the palate as much as Lee’s art captivates the eye.

vibrant illustration label art of the Lee Caces x Plain Sight Burst coffee blend

The collaboration’s unique integration of both sensory and artistic experiences is inspired by Lee’s journey from commercial work to personal art, expressing his dedication to creating art that’s as genuine as it is personal.

Since his early days, Lee was enchanted by the sensation of graphite on paper. Art was an area where he naturally excelled, though he also harbored a passion for plants. Envisioning a life where he could nurture twin passions for art and gardening, he eventually found a balance—focusing on his work while becoming a self-confessed “plantman,” blending his artistic talents with his love for cultivating plants.


a teal and yellow folding chair set on a rooftop bursting with plant life

Having worked in the graphic design and illustration space, Lee’s (often botanically inspired) pieces reflect his digital experience with bright, vibrant colors and a fluidity that anyone but Lee would find difficult to capture with traditional mediums.

In fact, the origin of this collaboration between Plain Sight and Lee was as organic as the flavors we’ve aimed to capture in “Burst.” Frequent encounters at events and a shared passion for coffee led to a natural collaboration between Lee and Plain Sight. For Lee, coffee isn’t just a beverage but a source of inspiration, a fuel for creativity sipped from his rooftop during slow mornings and afternoons. His brewer of choice, the V60, reflects his approach to art: getting the essentials right to let authentic flavors shine through.


a desk with reading glasses and an open sketchpad that shows sketches of plants

Notably, Lee’s increased interest in coffee actually began with a pour-over. Specifically, a pour-over session with a friend of Plain Sight, Kayo Cosio, which led to an experience that transformed his perception of coffee. Taking that first sip, Lee was surprised to find the delightful taste of iced tea—a burst of unexpected fruity flavor. It was that initial sensation of surprise and delight that Lee wanted to capture in “Burst.”

More than just a coffee blend, Burst expresses Lee’s artistic journey, with the tart and sweet flavor notes of apples, molasses, and biscuits mirroring the vibrancy and indulgence in Lee’s visual work. The new blend is also a multi-sensory experience—not only do you savor Burst’s fruity notes, but you also get to feast your eyes on Lee’s visual artistry. Each bag of Burst will come with a printed risograph poster or a canvas tote of the blend’s label art—bringing a tangible, personal quality to the art that is as unique as the blend itself.

Studio portrait of multimedia artist Lee Caces

For Lee, creation is a continuous journey. He advocates for growth and innovation—but without the rush. He embraces the slow and still moments life has to offer and—in true plantman fashion—encourages people to take time for themselves and soak in sunlight (“at least 20-30 minutes a day!”).

As we excitedly unveil Burst, we invite coffee enthusiasts and art lovers alike to savor Burst’s carefully crafted experience: each sip is a tribute to the art of slow living and the explosive joy of creation.

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